Polygon Homes Submits Two Design Concepts for its Next Massive Willoughby, Langley Master-Planned Community

Polygon Homes Submits Two Design Concepts for its Next Massive Willoughby, Langley Master-Planned Community

Polygon Homes' Upcoming Community in Township of Langley Envisions up to 1,465 Homes, Featuring a Concept with Three 22-Storey Towers

For over a decade, Polygon Homes has been actively involved in shaping the development of the Willoughby Community, dating back to 2011 🏗.

Initially focusing on townhome communities, Polygon's early projects catered to a time when townhome prices were relatively affordable and demand for wood frame apartments was limited to mostly investors.

Here's a breakdown of Polygon's initial ventures in the Willoughby neighborhood, based on data from Zonda Urban:

  • Red Maple Park: Launched in 2011, featuring 172 townhomes.
  • Mason & Green: Launched in 2014, comprising 118 townhomes.
  • Ashbury & Oak: Launched in 2016, with 259 townhomes.

Throughout the period from 2011 to 2016, the average sale prices for these townhomes ranged from as low as $300,000 to $600,000.

With the rising prices in the Valley, the demand for affordable low-rise apartments surged accordingly 📈

In response to this trend, Polygon Homes introduced Union Park in 2018, a master-planned community consisting of four buildings and 497 condos.

Between 2018 and 2021, the four buildings were launched with values progressively increasing from $522 to $615 per square foot by the final launch.

Polygon 200th and 66 Avenue

The ongoing demand for affordable housing is propelling individuals further eastward, resulting in continued benefits for communities like Willoughby.

Consequently, several of Metro Vancouver's top-tier homebuilders have been discreetly securing prime real estate parcels within the neighborhood.

Polygon's 16-acre plot, located on the east side of 200th Street between 68th and 66th Avenue, stands out as one of the most coveted, given its close proximity to the evolving Willowbrook Town Centre and the forthcoming Langley Skytrain Station.

Polygon has presented two alternatives for this location:

Option 1:

  • Nine 6-storey buildings, comprising a total of 1,255 units.
  • 1,239,900 gross square feet allocated for residential space.
  • 32,500 gross square feet designated for retail.
  • Buildings 8 & 9 would feature mixed-use configurations with retail on the ground floor.
  • Average unit size of 850 square feet.

Option 2:

  • Seven 6-storey buildings alongside two 22-storey towers, totaling 1,465 units.
  • 1,447,600 gross square feet dedicated to residential space.
  • 57,400 gross square feet allotted for retail.
  • Buildings 8 & 9 would incorporate mixed-use layouts with ground-floor retail.
  • Average unit size of 850 square feet.

Option 1 Site Concept:

Option 2 Site Concept:

Consistent with Polygon Homes' reputation, the average unit size of 850 square feet falls on the larger end of the spectrum, typically appealing more to end-users than investors. Recent market launches have tended to offer units averaging between 650 and 750 square feet.

With townhome prices reaching $1,000,000 in Willoughby, the spacious wood-frame floor plans are poised to be highly sought-after. First-time buyers, young professionals, and families alike will value the livability offered by these homes.

Additionally, the proposal includes plans for 20,000 square feet of indoor amenity space and an acre of outdoor space.

This concept is still in its preliminary stages and was submitted to the Township of Langley at the close of 2023.

Polygon Homes is working with RH Architects Inc on this proposal. 

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