31-Storey Residential Tower to be Added to Guildford Sheraton Hotel Property

31-Storey Residential Tower to be Added to Guildford Sheraton Hotel Property

Pacific Reach Properties has submitted a development application for a new 31-storey, 280-unit residential tower located adjacent to its Guildford Sheraton Hotel -- located just northeast of 152nd Street and 104th Avenue.
The original Sheraton Hotel has been operating on the property since 1992.
Additionally, "the applicant also proposes a 3-storey addition to the existing 6-storey office building on the GCC site (Guildford Corporate Centre located adjacent to the Hotel). The existing GCC building consists of a 6-storey component along the southern half of the building, while the northern half is only three storeys in height".

Highlights from application:

  • The proposed density (4.2 gross FAR) is consistent with the "Mid to High Rise Mixed Use" designation in the Guildford Town Centre – 104 Avenue Corridor Stage 1 Plan, including density bonus.
  • Overall, the development proposal supports transit-oriented development, focusing growth and increased density along frequent transit corridors, along main roads, near transit routes and adjacent to major parks and civic amenities
  • The proposed indoor amenity is divided into three (3) areas of the building as follows:
  • Level 2: fitness area and gym, as well as study and meeting spaces;
  • Level 7: kitchen and dining area, as well as a games room and lounge that connect to the outdoor amenity space; and
  • Level 31 (rooftop): small storage room and restroom for the rooftop garden.

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