Wesgroup Properties Submits Application for its Civic District Master-Planned Community in Surrey City Centre: Three Mixed-Use Towers Ranging from 55 to 65-Storeys and One 13-Storey Office Building

Wesgroup Properties Submits Application for its Civic District Master-Planned Community in Surrey City Centre: Three Mixed-Use Towers Ranging from 55 to 65-Storeys and One 13-Storey Office Building

Vancouver-based Wesgroup Properties, a leader in master-planned communities, submits application for its Civic District community in Surrey City Centre.

Civic District is set to become a landmark development cementing City Centre's transformation into a true downtown. 

Civic District will be constructed on the former Safeway location at the southwest corner of King George Blvd and 104th Avenue, an intersection seen by most as the gateway to City Centre. Spanning 5.1 acres, this ambitious project will showcase three towering mixed-use buildings, soaring to heights of 55, 60, and 65-storeys, reshaping the the skyline of the city. The community will also feature a 13-storey office building. 

A total of 2,070 dwelling units are proposed for the site.

With respect to commercial use, the development will feature nearly 350,000 square feet of office/commercial space and 105,000 square feet of hotel. 

The community will be brought to market over four phases:

  • Phase 1 will feature a 55-storey mixed-use tower on the northeast corner of the site comprised of 721 homes and 57,800 SF of commercial and childcare space.
  • Phase 2 is located on the southeast corner and consists of a 60-storey tower and includes 689 homes and 25,000 sf of commercial space.
  • Phase 3 is located on the southwest corner and will feature the tallest tower at 65-storeys. 660 homes are planned and 115,000 SF of commercial space.
  • Phase 4 is located at the northwest corner of the site and is a 13-storey office building with 273,000 SF of office and commercial space. 

Total Floor Area:

  • Residential - 1,562,941 SF
  • Commercial/Retail - 93,150 SF
  • Office - 250,379 SF
  • Hotel - 104,442 SF
  • Childcare - 21,969 SF 
  • Total - 2,032,872 SF 

Residential Breakdown:

  • Studio - 374 (18%)
  • 1-bedroom - 994 (48%)
  • 2-bedroom - 677 (32%)
  • 3-bedroom - 25 (1.2%)
  • Total - 2,070

Anticipated Completion Dates:

  • Phase 1 - Q2 2030
  • Phase 2 - Q3 2031
  • Phase 3 - Q1 2034
  • Phase 4 - Q4 2036

With over six decades of experience in real estate development in British Columbia, Wesgroup has established itself as one of Western Canada's largest private real estate firms. Since its inception, the company has constructed more than 7,000 homes across 100 communities.

Among Wesgroup's notable projects is the River District, a sprawling 130-acre master-planned community nestled along the shores of the Fraser River in South Vancouver. Upon its full completion, this vibrant neighborhood is projected to accommodate 15,000 residents, offering approximately 7,000 homes and 250,000 square feet of retail space.

Leveraging its expertise in crafting dynamic, mixed-use environments, Wesgroup is now focusing on meticulously planning the Civic District. Positioned adjacent to the heart of City Centre, this development is poised to become an essential component of the community's social landscape, emphasizing inclusivity and connectivity.

  • "The proposed site design also includes priority to pedestrian pathways and placemaking through the creation of Festival Alley, an east-west active urban mews lined with retail spaces to direct movement and enhance connectivity to the Civic Plaza to the west."

  • "The opening up of the southwest corner of the subject site with a large triangular-shaped urban plaza complemented by a hotel and restaurant use aims to activate the ground level and establish this corner as a civic and commercial node."

  • "Each tower features a distinguished design, offering distinctive characters that are simple and elegant. This architectural strategy not only enhances the skyline but also ensures each building contributes uniquely to the urban fabric of Surrey’s City Centre."

  • "The outdoor amenity space proposed in Phases 1 and 2 are extensive and include an open green space, outdoor seating and living room, private contemplation nooks, rooftop bar and pavilion, covered workspace, fitness space, run track, makers space and urban agriculture."

As Metro Vancouver's most prominent real estate developers continue to announce new development projects in the City of Surrey, highlighting its significant potential, it strengthens the city's long-term investment appeal for potential investors.

Paired with the city's dedication to enhancing its commercial and economic strength, I remain super optimistic regarding the direction this city is heading.

May 2024 Planning Application: https://www.surrey.ca/sites/default/files/planning-reports/PLR_7922-0321-00_0.pdf 


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